I still believe in living life to the full but have not had any alcohol for almost a year. As far as Brahmoadvaita is concerned, it was not sustainable, and delusional because it did not attain the state of mind of full detachment from one’s material desires and its need in karma not to leave Nature alone to allow pre-destiny to unfold into my life that I wanted to do in my satyagraha.


I went on to see for myself if pursuing pre-destiny will lead me in some other direction. It has turned the instant-moksha then experienced under Brahmoadvaita from my actions in life (such as the shoving ‘grand mein danda dalna philosophy of stuffing objections (because one could not take any more drastic steps as they would be forensic and even criminal in the United Kingdom so would certainly deprive me of my liberty in a prison) that could at worst result in me being incarcerated again in a mental hospital, as happened in 2004 and 2008, but I would still be surviving in material comfort if not in full liberty to do what I wanted in my satyagraha) towards a more genteel outcome of Vaishnavism, that is to say operating still spontaneously, and  nonchalantly and unpremeditatedly but in the rajasic guna-consciousness frame of mind that finally discovered the full meaning of ‘ahimsa’, rather than the sattvic Brahmadvaita that stated that ‘dharma ki Raksha ke liye hinsa karna sarvottam hai’, and through that, the true Sanatan dharma. It is called Vishista Advaita Vedanta because Vishnu is the rajasic god, Brahma being sattvic and Shiva tamasic because as I write this and still have my liberty in still living in the Community, taking only medications as called for me to do from my wife and not the Consultant Psychiatrist of the State, and no person or institution of the State has been able to lodge civil or criminal proceedings against me. I was still able to take my Santander Bank Account money (£100) from this personal current Account yesterday. And I still have my British Passport and therefore the citizenship of the United Kingdom intact as no one has questioned the validity of the British passport that I have now in my possession at home. I have a £1000 per month occupational pension (Teacher’s Pension) so am no longer a parasite on my wife. So, what more do I need from life at the age of 64: nothing. I live on until my body’s demise that will come naturally. The attainment of this state of mind in ‘ananda’ I have named Vishista Advaita Vedanta because Vishnu is the rajasic god, Brahma being sattvic, and Shiva tamasic. In this regard, I had long abandoned the tamasic ‘Life-Of-Riley Vedanta’ of Shiva god from my riches to rags experience of failed theology in 1999, please note.


The ’instant-moksha’ feeling that I was getting still under the operation in the state of mind of Brahmo-advaita, was still self-satisfaction at the karma that I had performed. It was never long-lasting for this reason, so I figured there had to be something else. I was not accepting reality then, I was still fighting a Defamation charge, and I would not instantly do things that my wife required me to do to keep the family running smoothly, thinking that I had work to do and that my time was valuable, to be engaged in buccaneering for the Truth. So, I did not know the Truth then, and the instant-moksha was not the endpoint of the satyagraha. I still retained objectives sub-consciously.  Now, I do not feel that the passage of a year has resulted in enforced changing of my raison d’etre to the concept of Vaishnavism under the framework of Vishsta Avaita Vedanta, in which even the utterance of harsh words is sinful as not ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence. So from the years in the Natural Resources Institute when I physically killed laboratory animals and when my fall from grace was steep with my dismissal, I questioned if it was because swadharma (self-serving) that generates the ambition to life a Life of Riley, with grand houses, great incomes and all the pleasurable activities of buccaneering for material-prosperity had been brought to a standstill because I truly believed in God and in those University days worshipped Shiva asking Him I remember for his Trishul to fight the people who I saw as demons at the University and beyond. The passage to Bhakti-Advaita followed my initial confirmation from clock checking my actions on a digital clock that God in some form did exist as a Personal God, but would not Teach me what is Sanatan dharma, that is to do work that pleases Him. So, I had to experiment it all out myself through the process of satya-advaita yoga (oneness with truth), knowing that God did exist as Truth.


I had to find the true meaning of ahimsa and Brahmo-advaita that did not translate instant moksha to permanent state of nirvana as ananda was clearly not It. It was still ‘staying in control of the mind’ in the so-called interface of the mind with a perceived Supermind-beyond, and so was not in freedom of freethought of the mind to act freely in its spontaneity, nonchalance, and unpremeditated manifestation of expressions of the body. The circumstances I was in however was that I could not take a chance in being risk-averse to the dangers that I faced in the suppression of my ability to continue with the process of truth-search as I had to survive. Thus, even though I had time and again asked my wife if I could go vegetarian and even vegan, I could not do so for the disturbance it would cause to her life, doing a demanding job in the Civil Service and maintaining a household with a decrepid useless mental patient that I clearly was. So, I still eat meat, but lately in my Realisation of Vishista Advaita Vedanta do not wish to take medications or vaccinations against coronavirus. This state gives me a permanent state of happiness, as the promised land of ‘ananda’ in Hinduism. I smoke cigarettes and will drink alcohol if it comes into my path as the future unfolds.


To summarise then, I draw attention to the following post in the FORUM attached to this website:

Feb 17, 2021 - 11:19PM: For my Odiya friends only: JEEVAN-MUKTI THROUGH DHARMA: THOUGHT OF THE DAY 18 FEBRUARY 2021:


For my Odiya friends only on Facebook: thought of the day, 18 February 2021

Sada bele ananda and santi re ruha, nije ra dharma bhabi chinti ke kara: Bhagaban acchanti, ei bhakti re nije ro baato khuja, ei more shikya tama pain: bhakti ru gyana aase, gyano to ananda aase, ananda ru mukti aase, sei mukti nije ro baata re khoji le, jeeban pura lakhya ru dharma baata re, satya baata re aano, thebe Bhagaban prapti hue: Sada bele ananda re ruha, nije ra dharma bhabi chinti ke kara: Bhagaban acchanti, ei bhakti re nije ro baato khuja, ei more shikya tama pain: bhakti ru gyana aase, gyano to ananda aase, ananda ru mukti aase, sei mukti nije ro baata re khoji le, jeeban pura lakhya ru dharma baata re, satya baata re aano, thebe Bhagaban/Ishwar prapti hue. Remember, ananda: mukti ru aase, mukti dharma ru aase jebe dharma Sanatan dharma hue. Sanatan dharma ‘ahimsa’ sikhile duniya/sansaara/prithivi ra rakhya kariya bujhi hue. Bhagaban/Ishwar prapti ru besi kouna bhi jinisa besi ananda/sukha diye nahin.



Always stay in ‘ananda’ and peace, do your dharma (duties and righteous actions) with thought and care, God is there, on this faith search for your path, this is my advice and guidance; from bhakti comes gyana (knowledge and wisdom), from gyana, comes happiness and bliss, from ananda (happiness) comes liberation (mukti, freedom); search for that liberation into your life-path, from charting your life bringing fully-targeted and specific (dhyan/lakshya) actions (karma) on the dharma-path of truth (satya-path) into your living; from that God/Ishwar is acquired. Ananda comes from freedom, freedom comes from the right dharma, the Sanatan dharma. Sanatan dharma is realised when one understands ‘ahimsa’ to be the preservation of samsara/the Earth/the Reality/the Nature of Being. Nothing gives greater ananda/happiness than acquiring God/Bhagaban/Ishwar.  

Udhayakumar Balan of ASK A HINDU - Questions on Sanatana Dharma Facebook replied to Shantanu Panigrahi:



Thus, happiness is not the same as ananda: there is no English equivalent to describe the latter. Happiness is sensual feeling, but ananda is a spiritual state of mind, that may be more clearly elaborated as satchitananda.




In my review, I wanted to know if there is any future for my present beliefs under political circles in western democracies which is the best we currently have in the world but still has shortcomings for the future  of mankind globally and the physical environment of the Planet Earth. Everyone wants liberty (freedom), the question is one a sattvic-libertarian, a rajasic-libertarian or a tamasic-libertarian.


These three classifications of Humanology describes Nature. If their State fosters their particular mentalities they have peace of mind and prosper materially. Without material prosperity there is no peace of mind, let alone happiness, or ananda/blissful state of mind, and one suffers from stress-related disorders, when one become suicidal from depression. Only faith in God (bhakti) saves one by generating gyana (knowledge and wisdom) to remain in ananda no matter what the nature of the trials a person faces in his or her spiritual compulsions for actions as his chosen karma. God does not try to bring a bhakti to any one of these three Libertarian types of modus operandi, seemingly because He (Sri Krishna) created Nature in this Prakriti. Thus there is no Sanatan Dharma (with a capital D): there is only Sanatan dharma with a small d. And all humanity can fulfil their natural genetic endowments in manifesting these gunas in their daily chores with their free will that is the true nature of the mind. In bhakti, all libertarians can attain the state of their own ananda. No path is favoured in Brahma-Nature. Accordingly, when one reflects on 'dharmo rakshati rakshita' it is applicable to all three guna consciousness operations of individuals if sincerely conducted in bhakti/devotion.


Notwithstanding, there is a right way of doing things and a wrong way of doing things. Sattvic path is costly in terms of having to spend money to pursue the sattvic sentimentality of piety of satisfying the urge for inhuman conduct such as paedophilia, rape that the Christian clergy have a record on and other desires that fuel the demand for natural resources for their consumption from Nature so it requires the entrepreneurial-buccaneering of the capitalists to find inventive means of extracting those goods and services that are then required from the environment; the sattvic and tamasic path is therefore described by the author as being evil in constitution that promote wars and conflicts so that people murder and colonise areas of the world that have these products to jointly-engage in predatory activities accordingly, thereby destroying Nature from the plunder in developing science and technologies that generate waste and cause pollution and other climatic disasters. The history of life on Earth shows that mass extinctions have occurred 7-8 times as a result of the over-exploitation of natural resources to satisfy purely animalistic greed and in the present state of the universe, the term humasnimals that I had conjured up for years in exploring Nature under the earlier Brahmoadvaita conception of Reality I felt must have been referring to tamasic, rather than sattvic or rajasic libertarian manifestations of the spirit. In having moved on from there and reached Vishista Advaita Vedanta, I have obviously changed my framework for its assessment.


God, the Sri Krishna that know as Creator, seems ambivalent on what happens to humans, plants, viruses, soils, water, etc. It is only we humans that can direct our fortunes by choosing the best path for mankind going into the future if we wish to see human race propagate itself indefinitely on Earth. If no one is concerned about that, there is no need for the rajasic path of Vishista Advaita Vedanta in Vaishnavism considerations of the philosophy, so no need for anyone to subscribe to the political structure that I have put in place in the Conservative Libertarian Society, with its tentative offshoots of The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom and The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United States of America, in the following websites:


There is the atheistic society of China and there are western liberal democracies,  both have a combination of sattvic and tamasic libertarianism. These wings of societies (and I have no reason to doubt that there are none purely rajasic libertarian societies anywhere on Earth, not even in India today since the collapse of the Vedic Spirituality of ancient times), sattvic and tamasic need each other like partners-in-crime against Nature from different angles as alluded to above. Whether the path that I have outlined in the website into the philosophy of Vishista Advaita will see it change from Sanatan dharma, to Sanatan Dharma, meaning the God Sri Krishna may yet be proven not have been ambivalent as to what happens on Planet Earth, will of course put a different interpretation on my own life, in terms of why I chose to follow my particular path of satyagraha, and especially to confirm or reject that it was pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated in all its manifestations, if it is proven that I have indeed found the elixir for living individually (who cares about that, but the selfish individual, which I am not, for I still harbour an interest in doing something for the Planet in return for the fascinating and interesting life that I have had in search for the Truth): it will otherwise always remain a question and so mislead people as to their kismet/naseeb so if nothing else, will emancipate humanity out of religion altogether. So, it is worth persevering with, I consider, and the satyagraha therefore continues.


Updated: 19.22 pm hours, (UK-Time) 18 February 2021.


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