March 17, 2021

This blog post is Vishista Advaita Vedanta but fine-tunes to the author's realisation on 17 March 2021 on precisely what he has experienced to condense it all to a few sentences. It discusses the position of Om as the source of Truth when one talks about Satyamev Jayate and Truth Prevails in all their connotations.

Om is the Supermind, the source of all the pristine truths that one can develop awareness of to the extent that one is faultless in traversing the path of life, automatically navigating through the wilderness that is Brahma-Nature with its sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna attributes. Truth prevails, because the Supermind that we Hindus use the monosyllablelic sound Om for is when the mind has transcended all the gunas and is operating nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in one's actions every moment. It is not the Spirit in the sense that the Spirit dawns upon the mind, but it is when the mind is uplifted to the Supermind as an Entity called Om that Truth is acquired. And since Truth prevails, one is faultless in the quest for survival in the densest jungle that one finds oneself in automatically. So, in searching from where I was a year ago deriving my wisdom, I assumed that God had descended into my mind to get me to do things, when it was nothing of the kind. Through satya-advaita yoga, the mind uplifts itself from body in that every single thing, like desires for wealth, fame, missions to be a purushottama in following the footsteps of Rama in the Ramayana, objectives to get a job to earn a living for fear that one's body needs may suffer, etc, the desire to do dharma, as Sanatan Dharma, are all relinquished. That is when one is a true Adviatist. So even Vishista Advaita Vedanta was a staging post for me towards this Ultimate Realisation that there is no other but the Supermind or Om that one strives to live to. There is no second, no God as Sri Krishna or Vishnu, Jesus Christ, Allah, Jehovah, all of which are attachments to the body's missions, objectives to do good in terms of sattvic, rajasic or tamasic guna-characterisitics, that obstruct the operation to Om. That Om when perfected by even tolerating scolding from one's wife, from wider society and mankind, without Vaishnavic or more severe retaliations in attack or defence to preserve one's so called ‘reputation’ in mankind, all being attachments that do not enable the operation of one's actions through Truth as Om; the satya-advaitic yogi has then reached its final destination: Om. Advaita is therefore Om, no two ways about it. There are no contradictions and conflicts contained in this oneness. One is utterly tolerant in one’s actions.

1 Year Ago I had written on Facebook:

''Spirit is something Real: it appears to me that Hindus call this Om and It manifests Itself in truth-accommodation (satya-advaita)''.  I practiced dharma believing it to be a quest for attaining the perfection of actions towards the ideal of Sanatan Dharma. That is not disregarded, but the mechanism for attaining this is now much clearer in my mind, as I continue nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditated in my actions, which now is totally ahimsa-based, so that the words that I express now is not motivated in anger towards anyone, and that is the acceptance of Reality, the truth-accommodation that I was in search of. Religion was not it. Vaishnavism was a construct, towards the truth, as it turned out. There is no karma and no dharma. It is just going through the motions of living. If one survives without legal or medical restrictions on oneself, that will be the proof of the pudding. For liberation is desirable for the independence it brings to do as one feels appropriate at any given moment in time unrestricted.

So, does God exist? Yes, He does exist as the Creator, that from which all things come; but the mechanism of self- and Self-preservation is built in within Brahma-Nature in Om as the source of truth, and truth prevails. There is no need for Sri Krishna or Vishnu anymore once this position is attained, and one is then totally self-sufficient, independent, and in full liberty to express oneself in whatever one does for as long as one lives.

The perseverance through satya-advaita yoga is the only means of realising this Ultimate Truth for oneself. I have given my prescription of Personal Conduct that would lead to a speedier attainment, but I cannot be sure that this will work for anyone else.

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